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While you can be creative and innovative, there are still some mistakes you can make in your career that can end up hurting you. Losing your temper can scare people, and that can have an adverse effect on your productivity. Not only is it embarrassing to lose your temper in front of your coworkers, but it can also hurt your career by making people less likely to recommend you. To avoid these common mistakes, you should avoid them altogether.

6 Mistakes That Can Harm Your Career

Dwelling on your mistakes

One of the most common mistakes you can make is dwelling on your mistakes. You may not realize how damaging these mistakes can be until it is too late. Instead, own your mistakes and move on. This is particularly important if you have personal issues in the workplace or if you lied on your resume. For example, you may have had a difficult time in the past, and you have been dwelling on them, so you need to move on. You should also avoid dwelling on your mistakes, as this will make your job search more difficult.

Less Engaging with Coworkers

Not engaging in workplace interactions is another mistake that can hurt your career. Not engaging with your coworkers will hinder your performance. Instead of wasting their time, take time to socialize and join office events. Be available to assist other employees when time allows. Small gestures will go a long way. Also, keep your desktop and workstation organized. An unorganized workspace is a recipe for disaster. It’s easy to lose important information or documents.

Burning Bridges

Burning bridges is another mistake that can destroy your career. Burning bridges means destroying your reputation in the workplace. If you’ve made a mistake, consider offering a formal apology. If possible, apologize in writing. If you’ve done something wrong, you’ll be perceived as unreliable. However, don’t burn your bridges with the wrong person. Remember, people in every role are a team and never know when you’ll cross paths again.

Burning bridges is the most common mistake people make in their careers. When people are leaving a job, they tend to burn bridges. It’s tempting to vent to everyone about what went wrong and how dysfunctional the work environment was. However, this short-term satisfaction is likely to hurt your reputation. Moreover, in most fields, the world is small and you’ll probably run into someone who worked with you in the past.

Not Admitting Mistakes

You should own up to mistakes you make in your career. We all make mistakes. However, mistakes at work can have an adverse impact on our professional lives. When we fail to own up to mistakes we are embarrassed and frustrated, and oftentimes, this is a good time to reflect on our shortcomings and improve. But remember that mistakes are inevitable. So, do not be afraid to admit them! Instead of ignoring them, we recommend that you acknowledge them as early as possible.

Not Having a Clear Vision of Career

Not having a clear vision for your career means that you’re likely to end up going from job to job, role to role. While the job market has changed to the point where workers change jobs every three to five years, many people do not take the time to find the right career for them. This can make them look impatient, unsettled, and ungrateful. This is an important lesson for all of us.

Continuing to switch jobs can damage your reputation. Your reputation will suffer in the long run, as people who worked with you will see you as mediocre. Having mediocre references is a major turn-off, especially if you are trying to land a good job. Avoid this mistake by staying put or leaving a job you hate. Avoid this mistake as it can lead to a career-ending crisis.

Over-sharing on Social Media

Another mistake many people make is over-sharing on social media. If you are a professional on Twitter, for example, you should avoid using your account to post your resume. If you share it with your coworkers, you risk being fired from your current job and unable to find a new one. The same goes for using your social media accounts to post pictures or links to your LinkedIn profile. This mistake can make it hard to find a new job if it is later.

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