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Pizza Hut is hiring delivery drivers for Colorado Springs, CO. If you’re searching for a Pizza Hut job, then you should check this out. If you want a flexible job with an innovative company – and great tips – then the Pizza Hut delivery driver job is perfect for you. Apply today!

Job Summary

Published on: 4 September 2022

Application deadline: 4 October 2022

Vacancy: Hiring multiple candidates

Job type: Full-time, Part-time

Work Location: One location

Salary: $12.56 – $18.00 an hour

Job Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Full Job Description

Buckle up, hit the open road, and start making hungry people happy as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut®. That’s right, we’ll pay you to cruise around in your mobile office – your car – listening to your own tunes and delivering great pizza – and pasta. What more could you want? Independence, good music, and great food – with tips! Sound good? Besides your smile, energy, and reliable set of wheels, here’s what you’ll need for this job:

Job Skills/ Requirements

The good news is that your training will teach you everything you need to know to succeed on the job. But here are a few skills you should have from the get-go, as well as some requirements:

◾ A clean driving record: If you’re on a first name basis with the people at traffic court, this probably isn’t the right job for you. Safety is our priority. You’ll also need a valid driver’s license, insurance and reliable vehicle.
◾ Friendly demeanor: Smile, tell a joke – treat our customers like you would your family and friends. Think of it this way – a smile and a kind word can mean the difference between a wallet full of tips and just some extra change for your cup holder.
◾ Keen sense of direction: You should know how to read a map and find your way around your delivery area. Think of all of the short cuts you’ll learn!
◾ Age restrictions: Our delivery drivers need to be at least 18 years old.
◾ Dress the part: We’ll provide you with a uniform. We just ask that you keep it clean and come to work wearing it.
◾ Just a few more things: You’ll need some basic math skills, the desire to work as part of a team and enthusiasm for learning.

Work Schedule

◾ Day shift,
◾ Monday to Friday,
◾ Weekend availability,


◾ 401(k),
◾ Employee discount,
◾ Health insurance,
◾ Paid time off,
◾ Referral program

Company Detail

Company Name: Pizza Hut

About Company: There’s nothing cookie-cutter about Pizza Hut. Not our pizzas. Not our people. And definitely not the way we live life. Around here, we don’t settle for anything less than food we’re proud to serve. And we don’t just clock in. Not when we can also become our best, make friends, and have fun while we’re at it. We’re the pizza company that lives life unboxed.

Address: Colorado Springs, CO 80915, USA

Official Website: https://www.pizzahut.com

Job Source

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Pizza Hut job - Delivery Driver

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